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GMB Local Ranker

About Us

We are an Australian company currently focused on commercializing our Software as a Service (SaaS) online publishing technology platform. Key aspects of our platform are patented in the United States. Central to our platform is the ability to publish almost any type of content to almost any device that uses a web browser to display web content. Further to that, our platform programmatically optimizes the published content for local search. Once data is integrated with our platform, the production of pages is largely automated. This enables the publication of large volumes of landing pages optimized for customer relevant search queries for local products and services in target locations.


“Local search” is one of the strongest emerging trends in search engine optimization, with consumers increasingly searching for products and services in close proximity to their immediate location. Approximately 46% of all online search is “local”. We provide businesses an automated and cost-effective solution to increase their online visibility. The objective is to increase the likelihood that local consumers will find our customer’s business online when searching for local products and services, regardless of search method. Regardless of whether the consumer is searching using more traditional means, such as by typing, or by using more modern methods such as voice search (e.g., Google Home, Alexa, Siri), a recent emergent trend, the landing pages are designed to be found for relevant search terms, locally. This is achieved through the automated attribution of schema and speakable codes to published content, which ensures that content and the context in which it is used is understood by all device types, including voice assistants.


The landing pages produced by our platform contain features that would otherwise require significant manual effort to achieve, or the application of additional and more expensive solutions. Our technology results in fast page load speed and the seamless delivery of content to all device types due to the platform’s adaptive nature of publishing content, and the automated attribution of security. We believe the results recently achieved in multiple markets, including North America, Australia and the UK, demonstrate the capability of our technology. Across 21,960 landing pages published up to November 28, 2021, more than 50% of these pages appeared in page one search results for the target keyword and location, while more than 33% of pages appeared in either the first, second and third positions on Page 1.


The importance of Page 1 results is exemplified by consumer behavior studies that found more than 95% of consumers were more likely to enter a new search query than to proceed to page 2 of a search result.


Specifically, our technology is able to process structured data provided in standard technical formats (for example, XML, JSON, CSV and XLS) of any quantity, to be published to any web browser and made accessible on any viewing device that uses a browser to display content, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and wearables (in so far as the content from data feeds can be published on a myriad of devices). Data may be transmitted via Web Application Programming Interface (“API”), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or local upload.


We believe that our technology is able to provide a number of products and services that are of value to our customers and are capable of generating revenue for us. We believe our technology has several key competitive advantages, including:


  • Page speed: the very fast loading speed of web pages produced using our technology;

  • Automated security features: the automated attribution of security certificates (Secure Sockets Layer, or “SSL”) to published web pages;

  • Seamless display of content across all devices: using the adaptive delivery of content we initially detect the device accessing a page published by GMB Local Ranker. We produce the web page in accordance with the device profile in near-real time, which displays in the correct format on any device with an Internet browser;

  • Automated schema deployment: the automated attribution of a schema and speakable to content published on a web page to enhance search engine optimization for both traditional and voice search. “Speakable” is a type of schema developed by Google that translates longer-form website content from text-to-speech allowing for audible playback);

  • Scale: the substantial scale at which our platform is able to ingest and automatically publish structured data to produce individual, content-specific web pages;

  • State of the art page structures: the ability to increase the organic search engine ranking results by publishing content onto proprietary designed page structures (automated “search engine optimization” or “SEO”);

  • Synchronized publication of content: acting as a publishing “end point” for third -data providers (for example, citation management companies and Google My Business), who maintain control of their client’s data in their own database; and

  • Centralized maintenance: the ability for us to maintain and implement technology improvements centrally for all published pages is a unique feature of our platform that reduces maintenance costs.

  • As an example, voice search has recently been trending in the market. Today, all web products deployed using our technology have voice search optimization automatically attributed to content as it is published online. The majority of business listing information is not voice search enabled, which would impact the likelihood of appearing in voice search results. We intend to keep abreast of market trends and changes and to seek further channels and applications for our technology.

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